I grew up working in a Thai food kitchen, which was a multi-generational, family business in Thailand. Our focus has always been and still is centered around providing the local community with home cooked, health, fresh, traditional Thai food’s. My family’s personal secrete recipes, were handed down over the generations and finally shared with me as I was working with my family in the kitchen in Thailand as a child, teen and eventually an adult. These secrete family recipes, which are inspirational, flavorful and creative dishes with a traditional spin and are still served in both in America and also Thailand today. We still sell out daily in the market in Chaiyaphum Thailand as well as in my home kitchen here in America, because of their reputation and popularity!

I feel there will always be a high demand for delicious, warm, home cooked meals... prepared from traditional family recipes, prepared with home grown, fresh and organic vegetables and herbs. Each dish I personally prepare is not only created with personal health and health standards in mind but love from my heart. My passion and attention to detail show up and are represented in every fresh, home cooked, family recipe, that I personally make and serve here, in our local community of Cypress Ridge. I’m not only proud of but take pride in every dish that I personally cook, which shows in their presentations and packaging. I put my heart into each family recipe which is prepared to order, serving the food needs of the community daily.

Please take the time to look at my menu on my face book and Cypress Ride community pages and also check out the pages of reviews, raving about the inspirational flavorful Thai dishes, I personally create that you just can’t and won’t find anywhere else. Thai party catering dishes, deserts, snacks and authentic home cooked meals prepared to order upon request.

Thank You.

Suchittra Marzulli
Madam SUE’s Kitchen